27 Dec 2013

Shopping for Pups Abroad

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Many of us travel for a variety of reasons! For holiday, to visit family, attend a wedding, for work…

If you’re like me then all you can think of while you’re abroad is the furry ones you’ve left behind! And because of that, I always make it a point to visit pet shops in hopes of bringing home new toys, yummy treats and other interesting fun stuff for the pups! (Yes there’s a bit of guilt there)

This here is basically a review of pet shops that friends and I have visited over the years from various countries. Hopefully this will help you get some great stuff for your pets on your travels!

But first! The RULES.

What and how much can you bring back from overseas? 

The Agri-food and Veterinary Association of Singapore (AVA) allows travellers (as of December 2013) to bring 5kg of wet pet food and 20kg of dry pet food per person into the country! This applies to all kinds of pet food, whether or not with meat in them, from all countries!

More details here at AVA’s website.

If you’re a raw feeder, you may also want to check out how to bring in frozen raw meat for pet consumption only (from specialty raw shops) over here (scroll down).

The List


Melbourne (Victoria)

Hopper’s Crossing (Victoria, outside of Melbourne)

33-39 Heaths Road, Hoppers Crossing, VIC 3029
T (03) 9748 5377 F (03) 9748 6377
Monday – Wednesday: 9am – 5:30pm; Thursday – Friday: 9am – 6pm; Saturday: 9am – 5pm; Sunday & Public Holidays: 10am – 5pm

“dog” in French = “les chien”



Animalerie Paris Bercy -
75012 Paris

Monday – Sunday: 11am – 9pm


“dog” in German = “hunde”


Das Futterhaus

Borsigallee 27
60388 Frankfurt am Main


Zoo Mai

Stiftstraße 16
60313 Frankfurt

Monday – Friday: 10am – 7:30pm; Saturday: 10am – 6pm

A small pet shop in the heart of the city (very convenient! No need to drive out!) selling a decent selection of treats and chews, and some toys.







Raw Essentials

Raw Essentials239 Archers Road
Glenfield (Behind The Big Pak’n'Save)

Monday – Friday: 9am – 6pm; Saturday: 9am – 5pm; Sunday: 10am – 4pm

A raw feeder’s paradise! Not a huge shop, but they have plenty of variety in meats that we don’t get here in Singapore! Possum, hare, wallaby, alpaca, rabbit, goat, venison, lamb, beef, chicken (free range ones of course!) in various cuts, and including green tripe! They even sell minced mixes (mix of 2 proteins with tripe for example) cut into big cubes. All are frozen and sealed (not quite vacuum sealed because there is still some air in some packets). They also have raw feeding brochures (free to take) and books!

There are other Raw Essentials stores around North Island but this area has got other pet shops you can visit!


Four Seasons

photo 13 Barry’s Point Road
Takapuna, Auckland

Monday – Friday: 9am – 6:30pm; Saturday: 9am – 5:30pm; Sunday: 10am – 5:30pm

A huge store full of food, treats, beds and toys for dogs, cats, gerbils, fish, etc! There are rows and rows of toys of all kinds, from squeaky, to cuddly, to real tough for strong chewers. The leashes and collars are quite plain, but still alot to choose from. There is an entire section on chews and treats from bully sticks, to dried venison tendons, to dried pig’s noses and ears! There is also a good range of grooming products and health supplements!

There is one other Four Seasons store in North Island but this one in this area has got other pet shops nearby!



CarnivoroFox Outlet Centre
3 Akoranga Drive
Northcote, Auckland

Monday – Sunday: 10am – 6pm

Carnivoro is like Raw Essentials but much much smaller. They do however have horse meat, pilchard, kangeroo, goat, venison, beef, possum, hare and mixed protein minces. The person manning the store was also very nice and would let you know if a particular meat has a very strong taste that some dogs may not like, and even gave us a few small portions of mixed protein mince to try! The items are all vacuum sealed properly.



AnimatesCorner Porana Road & Cherry Lane
Glenfield, North Shore, Auckland

Monday to Wednesday: 8am – 6pm; Thursday: 8am – 7pm; Friday: 8am – 6pm; Saturday: 8am – 5.30pm; Sunday & Public Holidays: 9am – 5.30pm

Another large pet shop, but not as big as Four Seasons. Still, lots of treats, toys, food, bedding and grooming items.



Shamu Shamu
722/31 Charoenrath rd,
Toongwatdorn, Sathorn,
Bangkok 10120

Mondays to Saturdays: 9am – 7pm; Sundays: 11am – 7pm

A small petshop (can’t walk there from Sathorn station – you will need to cab or drive). Limited selection of items but you can find a number of JW Pet toys, Chris Christensen and some doggy clothes. Go only if you absolutely must get something for your dog (like I had to).



Siam Paragon (within Gourmet Market)

991 Siam Paragon Shopping Center
Rama 1 Rd., Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Ground level

There is a small little corner at the back of the supermarket selling pet stuff. Limited selection.




Los Angeles



08 Sep 2013

DIY Bottle Toy for Doggies

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A couple of years ago Mother bought me a toy that looked like a giraffe which had a plastic bottle that you stuff into it. It made an awesome crinkly sound why I chewed on it!

Mother has discovered that she really didn’t need to spend all that money on that toy. She could have just made it with a dirty old sock and a plastic bottle!


12 Jul 2013

Juliet – just chillin’

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06 Jul 2013

Post haze fun in the sun

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04 Jul 2013

Fur real

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The difference between fur that has been brushed out and fur that hasn’t.

Mother brushed my fur.

She brushed your butt! Teehee!


25 Jun 2013

Playing with tools

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20130625-220850.jpgMother has been having alot of fun lately.
Yea! She calls it desensitization and country conditioning!
Counter conditioning.
*shoots dirty look*
I think she is doing this all on purpose. She’s going out of her way to find stuff to desensitize and counter-condition us to.
Like the toothbrush and electric shaver! She usually just leaves our teeth to be cleaned with bones and cuts our paw pad fur with a blunt scissors!
She said something like “husbandry being her new agility”. Say what?
Well we get yummy treats when she show us the scary things then more treats when she uses them on us! And the scary things don’t seem so bad now!
Yea she says it’s easier to train me to like stuff! Hah! I rock!
It’s only coz I’m sensitive! *pouts*


20 Jun 2013

Hazy Days

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20130625-221819.jpgDid you see Mumsy rush into the house when she came home from work today?
Yea she was holding her breath and when she got in she gasped “OMG I CAN’T BREATHE!” *imitates face*
Hee! Don’t let her see you doing that! Is it because of the smoke outside?
Yes the yearly haze from fires in Indonesia. This year it has been awful!
Oh! Is that why we can’t go out for our walks and play?
Yea Mother isn’t going to take chances. That’s why she has us holed up in the house with the aircon and air purifier on 24/7! Not that I’m complaining! *stretches*
The Manuka honey is yummy! And so soothing to the throat! Not so keen on the Natural Tears eye drops though.
But they do clear the eyes of any irritants. And we get a treat after, so no complained there either! *yawn* Ok go away now. I want to nap.


13 Jun 2013


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20130613-114316.jpgWe went on a cruise!

It was alot of fun!

Yea! First we got to the docks and had to jump into the boat. Then we were let off leash to walk around the boat and enjoy the breeze all the way to the island.

The ride to the Seletar island took about 30 minutes but the wind in my fur was NICE.

Then when we anchored just off the island Mumsy put us in our life jackets and she got into the water first.

To test the temperature for us.

And the nice cruise crew put us in the water.

You were struggling and giving Mother a hard time getting you to calm down!

She ended up holding on to the back of our life jackets and propelling us to the shore. No need to paddle!

We went with Sheltie friends Donut, Kopi (frenemy), Jaycie and Kayden. And we had so much fun running up and down the beach exploring and swimming!

Wheeeeee! I loved chasing everyone around! And Mumsy had yummy treats for me when I swam out to sea to her! She was so happy!

That’s because you are such a terribly swimmer.

*ignores Romeo* and then we saw several horseshoe crabs and other marine life! Exciting!

I loved the wind in my fur most.

Do you think Mumsy will take us again?

Hell yea! I’ve already put it down in her schedule – “Go for pet cruise with kids

Yay! Can’t wait!

Find out more about the Pet Cruise here!

25 Apr 2013

Goodbye Bambi

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Bambi. You have been through so incredibly much, yet someone up there can’t cut you a break. I hope he has bigger better plans for you.

I’m sorry I couldn’t do more for you, Bambi. I wish I could burn the men who hurt you and made you scared of people. I wish I could have given you medical care when you needed it at the farm. I wish you never had to live that life.

Every step you took outside of that breeding hell hole was a challenge for you. Yet you fought all the way, through medical problems, through your fear, through everything. How far you’ve come Bambi.

You taught me so much about fear. You used to run away from me. You didn’t eat if I was in the room. You probably hoped the ground would open up and swallow you when a person approached. Yet you opened up, learnt to trust and blossomed into a beautiful family dog. Your family told me you started to love people – you would go to them for pats and affection. I saw it myself when you approached strangers for pats. The day you came up to me while I was seated on the floor and took the treats from my hand, the day you ate sausages at the dog run for the first time after refusing to every week before that, the day you felt safe enough to sleep in the open in the middle of the living room instead of in your crate – what big achievements for you, what a brave brave girl you are Bambi.

You always loved other dogs – you felt safe with dogs because people broke your trust. But you loved Romeo & Juliet. You always followed them around like a shadow. Your family told me how you would be depressed and not eat after seeing and playing with Romeo and Juliet at our gatherings.  The day I saw you play with Juliet made my heart sing. And you also love your sister Eponine. She was your security blanket and helped you open up in your new home – with her, you learnt to frolick and bark.

Bambi’s story

We will miss you Bambi. We will see you on the other side of the rainbow bridge. Gone too soon…

Like a comet, blazing across the evening sky

Gone too soon…

Like a rainbow, fading in the twinkling of an eye

Gone too soon…

Shiny and sparkly, and splendidly bright

Here one day, gone one night…

Like the loss of sunlight, on a cloudy afternoon

Gone too soon…

Like a castle, built upon a sandy beach

Gone too soon…

Like a perfect flower, that is just beyond your reach

Gone too soon…

Born to amuse, to inspire, to delight

Here one day, gone one night

Like a sunset, dying with the rising of the moon

Gone too soon.

05 Apr 2013

Juliet is Singapore’s Jumper Dog of the Year 2012

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With 280 points, Juliet came out on top as Singapore’s Jumper Dog of the Year 2012!

So proud of my little girl! :)