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Romeo Sangiovese

Once upon a time, a little boy doggie was born in Australia. He was taken at a young age from his mum and placed on a plane and sent to Singapore where he was sitting behind a glass panel wondering what life had in store for him.

One faithful Thursday evening someone walked into the pet store where this little boy doggie was waiting, her heart pounding for no apparent reason. She had only intended to buy food for her pet mice but when she went to see the pups at the back, her heart stopped. She saw the boy doggie and she knew he was for her. She had seen many sheltie puppies before then but none had held her heart like he. She didn't even intend on getting another dog, or a sheltie (she didn't think she could have another after her first one crossed the rainbow bridge).

Though she regretted very much buying a puppy from a petstore (a big NO-NO!) she never regrets welcoming little Romeo into her life. Her little boy, her handsome darling, whom she loves with all her heart.

Romeo was born 23 March 2008 a shaded sable white boy with cute little white feet as if they were dipped in milk. He is now a grown boy and has matured much over the last year. He's not into obedience (can you hear him say BORING!) but he enjoys his jumpers training. He loves food but females and smells more! Not a big fan of toys outdoors.

Romeo has achieved his JDX (Jumping Dog Excellent title) and AD (Agility Dog title)! He is now Romeo Sangiovese, JDX, AD!

Romeo's achievements:

26th March 2011 (SKC) - Judge Gloria Page (Australia) - Jumpers Novice Q 2nd & Q 3rd

27th March 2011 (SKC) - Judge Gloria Page (Australia) - Obedience Pre-novice Q

16th July 2011 (USDAA) - Judge Dexter Sim (Singapore) - P1 Gamblers Q 3rd & P1 Jumpers NQ 1st

30 July 2011 (SKC) - Judge Keith Millington (Australia) - Jumpers Novice Q 1st

>> Jumpers Dog title (JD) achieved

3 September 2011 (SKC) - Judge Lawrie Knauth (Australia) - Jumpers Open Q 1st and Q 2nd

20 November 2011 (SKC) - Judge Michael McCartney (Ireland) - Jumpers Open Q 3rd

4 February 2012 (SKC) - Judge Dawn Howard (Australia) - Jumpers Open Q 2nd & Agility Novice Q 1st

>> Jumpers Dog Excellent title (JDX) achieved

17 June 2012 (SKC) - Judge David Rumble (Australia) - Agility Novice Q 3rd & again Agility Novice Q 3rd

>> Agility Dog title (AD) achieved