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Where can I buy…

For all you raw feeders in Singapore, I am actively compiling a list of places to buy various meats/cuts. This is more for my failing memory, but hey, why not let some other benefit from it too?

Some items fall into one or more categories, so you will find them repeated in each.

If you’d like to help me out and let me know where to get certain things, that would be awesome! (I don’t get out much…) Drop me a note!

Do note that most butchers will entertain requests for weird cuts, so do ring them to ask if you can get certain parts you’re looking for! They usually need 2-3 days notice.

I have also recently been made aware that we can bring in frozen meat for personal consumption from selected countries when travelling! See below for more information.

Oh! And if you haven’t already visited the Raw Explorer, you should! The Raw Explorer is an online resource dedicated to raw feeders in Singapore. Loads of awesome stuff there!

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Beef (frozen, meat) – Supernature, Hentick
Beef (fresh, meat) – Huber’s @ Dempsey, Meat the Butcher, Cold Storage @ Great World City, Swiss Butchery @ Tanglin
Beef (ribs, frozen) – Huber’s @ Dempsey
Eggs – The Butcher’s, Supernature, Huber’s @ Dempsey
Turkey (mince, dark & light meat, frozen) – Supernature

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Beef (frozen, meat) – Supernature, Hentick
Beef (fresh, meat) – Huber’s @ Dempsey, Swiss Butchery @ Tanglin
Lamb (meat, bone-in, fresh) – Meat the Butcher

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Eggs (Freedom eggs) – Cold Storage @ Holland Village/Jelita
Eggs (Barn laid) – Huber’s @ Dempsey
Lamb (meat, bone-in, fresh) – Meat the Butcher
Veal (meat, fresh) – Swiss Butchery @ Tanglin


[toggle title=’HORMONE FREE/EMPRESS/KAMPONG’ close=’true’]
Chicken (fresh, whole, parts, fresh) – Huber’s @ Dempsey, Meat the Butcher, Swiss Butchery @ Tanglin
Chicken (frozen, whole) – Cold Storage @ Jelita/Great World City, Swiss Butchery @ Tanglin

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Chicken (whole, parts) – Cold Storage
Veal (meat, rack) – Huber’s @ Dempsey
Lamb (meat, rack, shank, leg – bone in/semi bone in) – Huber’s @ Dempsey
Pork (meat, loin – bone in) – Huber’s @ Dempsey
Turkey (mince, frozen) – Huber’s @ Dempsey
Suckling Pig (whole, frozen) – Huber’s @ Dempsey
Duck (whole, frozen) – Meat the Butcher
Duck (whole, fresh) – NTUC Fairprice
Ox tail (whole, fresh) – Swiss Butchery @ Tanglin, Cold Storage @ Great World City, Hentick


[toggle title=’GAME/LESS COMMON MEATS’ close=’true’]
Rabbit (whole, parts, frozen) – Huber’s @ Dempsey, The Butcher’s @ Holland Village/Parkway Parade, Meat the Butcher, Swiss Butchery @ Tanglin
Kangeroo (meat, frozen) – The Butcher @ Holland Village/Parkway Parade
Venison (meat, frozen) – The Butcher @ Holland Village
Game hen (whole, frozen) – Meat the Butcher
Quail (whole, frozen) – Huber’s @ Dempsey, Cold Storage @ Jelita, The Butcher @ Parkway Parade, Marketplace @ 112 Katong
Pheasant (whole, frozen) – Swiss Butchery @ Tanglin


[toggle title=’SWEETBREADS, ORGANS, OTHER BITS’ close=’true’]
Tripe (frozen) – Huber’s @ Dempsey
Honeycomb tripe (washed, frozen) – Huber’s @ Dempsey
Beef lung (frozen) – Giant @ Parkway, Cold Storage @ Changi City Point
Beef tripe (washed, frozen) – Cold Storage @ Changi City Point
Beef tripe (washed, fresh) – Giant @ Parkway Parade
Beef tongue (frozen) – Huber’s @ Dempsey, Swiss Butchery @ Tanglin
Beef tendon (frozen) – Huber’s @ Dempsey, Hentick
Pig heart (frozen) – Huber’s @ Dempsey
Pig heart (fresh) – Giant @ Parkway Parade
Pig liver (fresh) – Giant @ Parkway Parade
Pig tongue (fresh) – Giant @ Parkway Parade
Pig kidney (fresh) – Giant @ Parkway Parade
Duck liver (fresh) – Giant @ Parkway Parade
Duck liver (frozen) – Meat the Butcher
Duck gizzard (fresh) – Giant @ Parkway Parade
Pig ear (fresh) – Sheng Shiong @ Commonwealth
Lamb heart (frozen) – Huber’s @ Dempsey
Lamb liver (frozen) – Huber’s @ Dempsey
Lamb kidney (frozen) – Huber’s @ Dempsey
Lamb bones (frozen) – Huber’s @ Dempsey
Chicken carcass (frozen) – Huber’s @ Dempsey, Meat the Butcher
Chicken liver (frozen) – Meat the Butcher
Chicken heart (frozen) – Meat the Butcher
Veal bones (frozen) – Huber’s @ Dempsey
Veal sweetbread (frozen)- Huber’s @ Dempsey
Veal heart (frozen) – Huber’s @ Dempsey
Veal kidney (frozen) – Huber’s @ Dempsey, Meat the Butcher
Veal liver (frozen) – Meat the Butcher

Where are these places?
[one_half]Huber’s Butchery[/one_half] [one_half last]Swiss Butchery[/one_half]
[one_half]The Butcher’s[/one_half] [one_half last]Supernature[/one_half]
[one_half]Cold Storage / Marketplace[/one_half] [one_half last]Sheng Siong[/one_half]
[one_half]Four Seasons Organic Market[/one_half] [one_half last]Meat the Butcher[/one_half]
[one_half]Giant[/one_half] [one_half last]QB Foods[/one_half]
[one_half]Hentick[/one_half][one_half last]NTUC Fairprice[/one_half]

Bringing in Meats from Overseas

Those of you going on holiday or who travel for work will get a kick out of this. The Agri-food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) actually permits a limited quantity of meats, seafood and eggs from selected countries to be brought into Singapore. As it states on AVA’s website “No permit is required if small amount of food products are brought in from approved sources for personal consumption.” YAY!

You can find out more about that from AVA’s website here.

What do you buy and how do you pack it?

In many other countries, grassfed and organic meats are far cheaper than in Singapore! You also get a larger variety of cuts and parts (think organs and other odd spare bits!). Buy them frozen from good butcheries and have them vacuum sealed for you.

You can use a styrofoam box, a cooler bag or a cooler box (heaviest – remember it goes towards luggage weight!) which you can either buy at your destination or bring along with you from home.

Fill the box/bag with your vacuum packed meats and pack it tight! If there are gaps, use crumpled newspapers to fill them.

You can also chuck in ice packs (not ice itself but the flat plastic bottle packs filled with blue liquid that you freeze). Cold air travels downwards, so leave those on top of the food if you use them.

Do not use dry ice! Firstly, they are hard to get hold off! Secondly, different airlines have different restrictions on the amount you are allowed on board. If you know how, that’s great! (Tell me how!) If not, play it safe!

We want to check in your box or bag so make sure it doesn’t pop open or spill! Especially if you’re putting using a cooler bag and putting it in your luggage!

Seal your styrofoam box or cooler box by taping it up. When you get to the airport you can also get it wrapped in giant cling film (I love that service!). If you’re using cooler bags, put them in a large plastic bag before you put in your luggage in case it leaks! (Bad vacuum packing may cause meats to thaw a little and result in blood leaking) If you want to check in your cooler bag separately, I would suggest you get it cling wrapped at the airport too!

Make sure the weight of your luggage + cooler stuff + meats don’t exceed your baggage limit! They all get counted towards it.

But the hotel fridge is dinky and useless and doesn’t have a freezer! Where do I keep the meats until I fly off?

You have two choices! Plan ahead and book an apartment style accommodation which usually has a normal size fridge with freezer (because of the cooking facilities) that you can store the meats, or book at a larger hotel so you can kindly ask the hotel concierge to chuck the bag(s) (pack them nicely into bags for them so they can easily tag it with a luggage tag and carry it back and forth for you) into their hotel freezer (usually the freezer of the restaurant nearest to the concierge). Let them know when you’re checking out especially if you’re flying out at the wee hours of the morning, so someone will there who will know where to look for your meats!

Happy travelling!

I love to hunt for things for the dogs when I travel. If you’d like to do the same and want to know which shops to hit, check out the reviews here!